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How much will my auto dealer bond cost?

Dealer bond premiums vary, depending upon the bond state, bond amount, credit, experience, and other factors.  The surety company determines bond rates.

How do I pay for my auto dealer bond?

Credit cards, check cards, business or bank checks and postal money orders are accepted as payment for your bond. However, for our bad credit program, we must obtain a bank cashier’s check, postal money order or credit card payment.  Financing is often available for our alternative bond program.

How long will it take to get my bond?

With qualifying credit, most auto dealer bonds are emailed or mailed the same day your application is received (Mon-Fri). Overnight mail helps to expedite this process for bonds that requires an original surety company seal.

Does Ameribonds® Surety provide other types of bonds?

Yes!  Please visit for information and an online application for all other bonding types.